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Nurturing conscious leadership

This place is known for its transformative power.

It nurtures your leadership and brings your BodyHeartSoul in alignment with what truly matters.

Together we make the systems change. 

You cross the bridge and you know: this is where I need to be right now. This is a place for growth. 

Rianne De Jong • Creative Strategist & Human Being

You want to

HEERLIJCKYT – [heer·lək·eit]

  1. heerlijk: Dutch for ‘lovely, delicious, wonderful’
  2. in the Middle Ages: productive grounds of a Lord (‘Heer’) and a residence for nobility to gather;  a benign Lord gave ‘grace’ to the tenant famers and provided for their families. A system of mutual collaboration.


What has been said

The place, the facilities, the people are thus the riverbed in which our clients’ energy and our own can stream. That’s why we've been coming back to the Heerlijckyt ever since it opened.

Filip LowetteExecutive Consultant & Senior Trainer

Since the start of this place I come here with great pleasure, not only for seminars with our company but also for personal development trainings.

Each time I arrive, it feels like really coming home. The authentic venue, the very beautiful nature, the peace and silence, the delicious food, and on top of that the warm-hearted people make me feel happy and very very welcome.

Wouter TorfsChairman CAW

Every visit at The Heerlijckyt Van Elsmeren is moulded into a unique and fully embodied experience that leaves you deeply aware of how true transformation is co-facilitated by the context in which it takes place.

Gill RendersLeadership coach and inspirational speaker at Echte Leiders Dansen

We love coming here to energise our team, safe in the knowledge that everything will be arranged efficiently and in the friendliest manner. It takes a special kind of place where one can feel both at home and in an entirely new and inspiring environment at the same time. To us, de Heerlijckyt is one of those special places.

Stijn SmetUHasselt

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