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Don't let the important moments pass you by unnoticed. Stop ... take time together.

Celebrate Life



For a whole weekend our domain will be yours

Much more than an insta-beautiful castle, this is a place for growth and transformation.

This is a place where you can take time to heartfully celebrate those special milestones or connections in your life:

  • a professional transformation
  • a wedding of like-hearted people
  • a life anniversary
  • a company achievement
  • a large international gathering of friends
  • a bringing together of families who have drifted across the world

You rent the domain from us, and work out all the details with Nori Catering, our long-term catering partner. From there on you are free to write the script of your unique celebration yourself, choosing the suppliers you prefer to work with. We have some strongly recommended Celebrating Life Magicians though …

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A short and magical get-together

Not the whole domain, nor the main castle building, but the magnificent Houtschuur with adjacent kitchen and large tent outside. Together they provide lots of room to create precious memories.

Ideal for honouring life in all its forms: birthday, anniversary, birth, passing away, memorial service, etc.

Our catering partner can organise this for you or you DIY.

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your life celebration

Sharing this magical place is our part of the deal, the rest is yours to fill in according to what your celebration needs.

Our Celebrating Life Magicians have a great deal of experience with catering, facilitating rituals, music etc. They know our location and all its possibilities and can guide you through all the specific details.

Our Celebrating Life Magicians:




our celebrations

Weaving the web of a nurturing community

You, dear change-maker, make this place so Heerlijck, together with us! So we would love to invite you to our own Celebrating Life Events:

Magic of Weaving: a series of community nurturing events based on nature’s annual rhythms. We take time to honour nature’s power moments:

4 moments. 4 power places. 4 nature themes.

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Get a glimpse

It is hard to capture the magic and beauty of this place in a photograph, but we still wanted to give it a try …

What has been said

The sacred place where a tribe chooses to gather is invaluable, it must feel right, contribute to the connection and yet stand firm like a rock.
Inbodiment// has found its place in the beautiful, ancient castle grounds of "De Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren".
Remote from civilisation and surrounded by water, fields and forests, it forms a fairy-tale setting for our magical gatherings.

Bram GeubelmansInbodiment organiser

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L., the castle, the surrounding nature (small lake, quaint bridges, friendly donkeys, some sheep & cows & swans & ...), super friendly and professional service, sweet & subtle statues, peace & quiet ... Absolutely recommended for weddings, events, or even just a relaxing walk in nature.

Tine Willems