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Personal development

Why ‘women’s circles’ are not just a networking tool

Since a few years now, gender is 'on the table'. In the landscape of personal development, more and…
Conscious LeadershipPersonal development

Your best self or your most natural self?

Peter Plusquin is one of the trainers who has been hosting his trainings on the Heerlijckyt for many…

Red lentil dhal with butternut squash & kale

Indian cuisine is a veritable treasure trove of vegetarian and vegan recipes. This warming dhal may seem complicated…
Conscious Leadership

Be here

A poem written by one of our Homemakers, Jill. About what makes the Heerlijckyt so 'heerlijk'.About what happens…
Conscious Leadership

Which programme has the greatest impact?

‘You have got to make choices!’ they say ... Most people don’t understand why we host programmes on…
Conscious LeadershipOrganisational development

Others need to change! Or not?

Philippe Bailleur is a long term trusted trainer here @Heerlijckyt. This blogpost shares some insights into how to…

Homemade granola

One of our breakfast toppers is without any doubt our homemade granola. Castle cook Veerle is happy to…

Roasted sweet pepper & tomato soup

The real art of making this soup taste just right is to keep the delicate balance between sweet,…