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A poem written by one of our Homemakers, Jill.

About what makes the Heerlijckyt so ‘heerlijk’.
About what happens when everyone takes up their personal leadership, even in the smallest little things.
About the magic that happens when everything comes together in a magical mix.

We thought it was too beautiful not to share…


Be Here

inbetween star and ground
there is a castle

first you’re welcome
we say yes to you

you’ll get a key
that fits somewhere
between heaven and earth
we move
bridges over water

connecting paths

meeting each other
and you may get lost
in the midst of an insight
ask the wind for direction
we keep the candles burning for you

here we rise up

we take breath
sweet oxygen
mirror ponds reflect

and you may get lost
in echoes of a medieval farm
roaming over noble pastures
set ablaze the hearth fire

dream your dreams
earth watchers and alder bushes will ask
how was your day
how was your night

we love here
we become here
we are here

be here

till even the swan
smiles at us

see you again

– Jill –