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The power of this place

contributes to any transformational proces

Heartful service

We will spoil you, but we won’t pamper you. To enhance the goals of your meeting or workshop, we will make sure everything you ordered is there. A set-up venue, healthy meals, coffee, Wi-Fi, flip chart, … all that kind of jazz.

We still expect you to clear off your dirty cups and plates though, because that’s what you would do at home too.

Do it yourself

Low budget, out of the box needs, early rise events, karma yoga, or some other unconventional wishes? Great! You name it and we’ll find a way.

Do the housekeeping yourself, bring your own cooks and assemble your own game-changing program. This formula is only available during low season: summer vacation & holidays.

Wondering about the cost?

Let us give you some examples

Heartful Service

2-day training for 25 p.:
  • venue: Oostschuur: €1.080
  • 2 x day package: €1.300
  • 2 x lunch: €1.400
  • 1 x dinner buffet + dessert: €850
  • wine package: €425
  • single room + breakfast: €2.600
Total: €7.655 incl. VAT,
or €306 pp*
*prices may be subject to changes
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Do It Yourself

Yoga weekend for 14 p.:
  • Pavilion package (Tuinzaal + Inzicht)
  • Friday 19 p.m. – Sunday 20 p.m.
  • rooms: 14 beds in 5 rooms
  • with dining area, kitchen and lounge
  • own catering
Total: €1.260 excl. VAT, or €90 pp*
*prices may be subject to changes
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Compose your own package with these building blocks:

Which Venue?

9 different-sized venues, full of character and uniqueness.

Each venue is set up with its own furniture and materials. Chairs or cushions?  Circle, theatre or block ? A lot but not everything is possible everywhere, so choose wisely and let the practicals enhance your purpose.

And of course, even in these ancient surroundings, we have modern essentials like good Wi-Fi, projection screens, flip charts and beamers.

Sounds great? Let us make you an offer!

What to eat?

Sounds great? Let's make you an offer!

Where to sleep?

34 rooms for 65 guests

Tastefully decorated and wonderfully comfortable rooms where you will find both the old soul of the castle and the fresh breeze of renewal.

Each room has quality beds, good pillows, blissful down duvets, and private sanitary facilities.

Single room, double or multiple … you choose

The longer you stay, the cheaper the price. The price of the room also includes the breakfast buffet.

Time for rest

Wi-Fi is freely available, but we have consciously chosen not to equip rooms with televisions. We want to offer you every chance to rest, relax and enjoy an authentic experience.

Sounds great? Let us make you an offer!

How long will you stay?

We deliberately focus on multiple-day stays. Against the zeitgeist, but needed more than ever! It gives you time for everything to sink in. It gives you ‘in between time’, and that’s where all the magic takes place!

During your stay, you can enjoy coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, biscuits and fruit throughout the day. In the afternoon, a delicious home-made cake awaits you.

You are also welcome to use the beautiful common areas of the castle and, of course, there is all that nature outside at your disposal.

All these facilities are included in the DayService price.

Sounds great? Let us make you an offer!

What has been said

In all these years, participants in our learning program - now more than 300 - evaluate De Heerlijckyt as one of the success factors of our training. Organise it somewhere else and you have a less stimulating learning environment.

Stef SteyaertManaging director at WhoCares, Chairman at Socius

I met this beautiful place in 2012 and fell in love instantly. The peace, the beauty, the silence. And the people! Present, warm, attentive with the right balance between making contact and respecting the space we need as trainers to do our work. Even after all those years, whenever I arrive, my heart still makes a little leap of joy.'

Yannick LiermanInternational Senior Corporate Coach & Trainer

For our yearly retreat, the Zero Waste Europe team had a calmful and inspiring time at Heerlijckyt! Surrounded by serenity and nature, we all got to connect and celebrate our achievements in 2022. This was all possible thanks to the lovely staff, comfy rooms, equipped meeting rooms and delicious food.

Alexandra ClipaAdmin & Events Officer at Zero Waste Europe

The Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren offers the space that is so needed if you want to help people develop. Literally, with well-equipped, light-rich meeting spaces and a wide-open environment that gives space to nature and the elements. But also more fundamentally, by being an open place where everyone can feel welcome. The Heerlijckyt is not a venue, but a place with a soul. That's why we love coming there with ETION.

Gino VijnckeCEO - Chief Enabling Officer at ETION