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‘You have got to make choices!’ they say …

Most people don’t understand why we host programmes on Taoism as well as on Alchemy as well as on Shamanism as well as on Mindful meditation and Tantra and Tango … And why we believe that they can all improve the leadership we need for this world …

Well, to me it’s simple: deep in the essence they’re all the same.

They just speak different languages, sometimes only different dialects of the same. And in essence we’re all the same too, we just have different preferences, tendencies, habits, talents, histories, things we carry from our parents, our cultures … And we are at different stages in our lives, with the different needs those stages might imply. Even at different stages in our ‘soul lives’ …  (something some might consider ‘fluffy language’ that puts them off, coming from classical business leadership schools).

It doesn’t matter much.

Better try it out for yourself, what suits you, what not. Find what makes you tick, what makes you feel connected.  Attuned. And then create your own language as a leader. Speak up for what matters. For what resonates.

Because what makes the most impact in the world, is how you resonate. From within yourself, to us, to the world, the universe. Or the other way around.

What matters is that we resonate. 


Let’s ripple …