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Nature wisdom & contemporary shamanism for coaches

April 4, 2023 - April 5, 2023

The belief that everything is energy, that nature is animated, is the foundation of old and new Earthwisdom traditions. We can communicate with nature because we are part of it. These principles and practices exist around the globe since thousands of years, and are alive and re-explored by many today.

The ‘contemporary shaman’ brings back balance and marks transformations in people ’s lives through ceremonies, healing practices & trance journeys. As an EarthKeeper, she or he is deeply connected with Mother Earth and is at service of the planet and the future generations.

For whom

  • personal coaches,
  • therapists,
  • process facilitators,
  • team- and organisation coaches,
  • and by extension everybody who wants to explore the wealth of nature wisdom and shamanism and integrate these in their daily lives of work, family and community.

The training will be held in English and/or Dutch depending on the participants who have registered. The size of the group is between 8-18 participants. Depending on the size of the group, 1 or 2 coaches will be leading the training.

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About Shamanism

As a coach we often guide people through both individual as wel as collective transformations. During transformations, we are asked to leave something behind, to unravel, to heal, to make place for something new. In shamanic practice, the medicine wheel (the 4 directions, wheel of the year) is an important tool for healing and transformation. The medicine wheel is based on the transformations in nature, visible through the seasons, the cycle of the sun, the cycle of life and in every creative process.

The trance journey is a very natural and powerful tool to bring information from the ‘field’, the subconscious, through archetypes and symbols. The trance journey is similar to a guided mediation and sharpens the imagination, the inner senses and intuition.

The Talking Circle is a way of speaking and listening familiar to indigenous people, it creates sacred space, brings peace, deepening and connection in working with groups and teams.

Earth wisdom & shamanic practices are experience-based, embodied, connected with nature. They give energy during difficult personal processes, nature is actively contributing to the process. These practices can easily be integrated in the methodes you apply in your work as a coach or process facilitator, like constellations, nature coaching, Theory U, Active Hope, vision/mission work, circle work, brainstorming, corporate rituals, etc…

You will be able to apply what you will learn in this 2-day training in your practice as a coach and process facilitator. On top of that, you will grow as a person and learn tools for your daily life.



Chris Hoerée is organization and leadership coach, psychologist and nature coach. Chris is founder of EarthWays and member of Corporate Rituals. She helps organisations through visioning and transition processes in order for them to evolve towards more purposeful, humane and ecologically sustainable businesses. She facilitates multi-stakeholder co-creation, and helps intercultural teams to develop a connective dialogue culture. As a personal coach and mentrix, she coaches people in their healing and transformation processes and their quest for meaning and a fulfilling and authentic life. Chris is passionate about nature and the wisdom of Indigenous peoples who live in a deep connection with Mother Earth, the elements and all living beings.


Ewoud Monbaliu is a social entrepreneur and founding partner of the participation-expert Levuur. He coaches governmental agencies and other organisations in answering societal challenges. Today his focus is on speeding up the needed climate transition. His drive is to contribute to and honor Mother Earth. Als initiator of Corporate Rituals he is searching new ways to connect ancient wisdom and rituals with contemporary business. In this way, Ewoud is giving a professional form to the path of Shamanic Practitioner he is walking since 2009.



Day 1:

Starts at 10.00 (welcome from 9.30) – till 21.00 (ending with a fire ritual)
lunch potluck (bring something to share), dinner is soup, salad & bread.

Dag 2:

Starts at 9.00 – till 16.30
coffee, tea, water, fruit – vegetarian lunch

Overnight stay is optional but recommended. you book it via us by mentioning your wishes in the registration form. Prices are 75 € excl. VAT for a shared room with breakfast, 105 € excl. VAT for a single room with breakfast. 



  • Standard price: 480€ excl. VAT, overnight stay not included.
  • Supporter price: 540€ excl. VAT, overnight stay not included.
  • overnacht stay: 75 € excl. VAT for a shared room with breakfast, 105 € excl. VAT for a single room with breakfast.

If you want to make a price reduction possible for another participant, you can pay the ‘Supporter Price’. If you really want to participate but the price is an obstacle, send an email  with your request to Ewoud.

Questions? , +32 (0)478.40 74 29,   +32. (0)486.10.77.08


subscribe for this workshop & your stay at the Heerlijckyt


About your stay at the Heerlijckyt

You will stay in a castle domain surrounded by 30 hectares of nature. You can walk in between your training or workshop, enjoy the pond or recharge your energy at ancient trees and power spots. So be sure to bring your walking shoes.

Your stay includes:

  • all delightful meals
  • continuous coffee, tea, energized water, soft drinks, refreshments, home-made snacks & fruit
  • overnight stay in a stylish room. You can choose small, medium or large & single or shared according to availability (Register soon for more options)

not included: drinks from the bar

Stay longer or come earlier?
That is possible if we have spare rooms! You can also choose this as an extra option upon booking.



1 - 2 days
Nature / Spirit / Outdoor