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The Systemic Canvas – Navigating complexity in organizations

November 25 - November 26

“The Systemic Canvas developed by Noemi Viedma Ponce is a fantastic methodology that on the one hand makes the undercurrent wisdom visible and at the same time can easily be applied ‘at the surface’ of your business, project, organisation where reason, analysis and action are at stake.”
– Anne-Marie Walgering de Walle, organisator

Unlocking the hidden currents beneath the surface
is the essence of true leadership
in navigating complexity
Noemí Viedma Ponce
Certain elements within a business or team wield a considerable influence over their level of success. Identifying these elements, leveraging them to your benefit, and consequently establishing more effective and wholesome systems can enhance the well-being of individuals working within the business or team.
In every company, project or team there exists both an evident outward flow and a concealed underlying force. Imagine an iceberg to grasp this concept. The visible surface current is apparent and perceptible, easily discerned through your senses. Simultaneously, there exists another dimension, akin to the iceberg’s submerged portion – the undercurrent. Much of what occurs in this undercurrent transpires at a subconscious level, remaining unseen, yet its impacts are palpable and can be sensed.
We have many beautiful and useful tools and models of management science to tackle the visible surface. One of the most well-known and useful ones is the Business Model Canvas of Alex Osterwalder.

Business Model Canvas

Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas is a structured way to describe all elements of a company, production or team at top level. Zooming in on what you see, what you can measure. It is an international standard with important analytical information. Perhaps you work with it, or have worked with it in your own company or that of your clients. And if you don’t know it yet, click here for an introduction to the Business Model Canvas. 

The undercurrent: invisible structure for flow

But what happens in the undercurrent of your organisation, team or project takes place at the unconscious level, beyond the senses, beyond the visible. Invisible, but tangible and sensible.
Unfortunately, there is no simple tool to tackle the force of the undercurrent in business and teams. Yet the need for tools that expose the deeper, underlying dynamics and give insight in what relevant factors are needed to take into account, is big.
Like in the example of the iceberg, the visible surface and the undercurrent in the organisation are one: one unity.  The problems and issues that occur at the surface e.g. absenteeism, not performing as well as it could have, high burn-out rate, theft, etc. are symptoms of what is going on in the undercurrent.
As a leader you want to know what dynamics are at play here. Which relevant factors at the deeper underlying layer of your organisation you need to take into account in order to let your business, your team, your project flow. 

What would it be like if an easily applicable, clear and at the same time in-depth management tool could provide you insight into the undercurrent dynamics?

Systemic Canvas

After a lot of training and a lot of experience with systemic work in organisations, Noemí succeeded to summarise all systemic knowledge in 1 single overview in order to be able to work with it successfully. Inspired by the Business Model Canvas of Osterwalder, she developed the Systemic Canvas.
This is a powerful agile tool. It gives you insight into the dynamics at play and which relevant factors you need to take into account in your work as a leader, as a consultant, as a team coach at a deeper, underlying level.
The Systemic Canvas allows you to look at projects, teams and organisations with a systemic lens by specifically focusing on important keys: the Systemic Principles.
Principles that govern all living systems as organising forces in the undercurrent of every project, every team and every organisation.
The systemic concepts – placed in blocks like Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas – provide you with a snapshot of what structures and dynamics underlie the visible business model. The systemic concepts are operational levers for movement and connection and will bring awareness and create change at the surface.
By mapping the systemic concepts and the mutual relationship between these concepts for your company, team or project
  • you create a powerful tool for leading;
  • within a team: you develop a shared vision;
  • a basis for guiding changes;
  • for making decisions and
  • design strategies.
In short: it gives you the tools to work on creating more efficient, healthier, people-oriented organisations.

The Systemic Canvas: 
A compass in the maze of complexity,
guiding us
to the simplicity of effective decision-making
Noemí Viedma Ponce

About the trainer

Noemí Viedma Ponce is an inspiring entrepreneur, consultant, coach and organizational constellatory facilitator.

After an extense experience working in international companies and organisations in Spain and abroad, being a good father´s daughter and following the family mandate, she started running the family business for over 10 years.

With the coming of her second child, and coming closer to the sphere of the mother, she started a personal growth journey, changed her professional career and started to work in organisational development as consultant and coach, to contribute to more human, conscious and healthy organisations.

Since 2015 she spreads systemic approach by organising international trainings with international masters in the field of systemic work in Barcelona. Now she offers her own trainings in Systemic business canvas and Systemic Teamcoaching.

Noemí’s focus on people and teams is on “what they could” be to address the future. She understands their present by acknowledging their history. At the same time, she is inspired by the future and what could be. In that sense, you could say that she is connected to the potential.

Noemí lives with her family in Barcelona and works internationally, both in person and online. She speaks Spanish, Catalan and English and uses frameworks and tools from various disciplines: systemic approach, organizational and family constellations, ontological coaching, NLP, creative thinking and positive psychology.

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2-day Intensive ‘Systemic Canvas training – navigating complexity in organisations

During the 2-day Intensive:
  • You are one of the first to get a real new undercurrent tool that you can apply in many situations
  • You will learn from Noemí how it works ánd how to work with it
  • You automatically gain knowledge of the systemic laws through working with the systemic canvas
  • In addition of working plenary during the training on 1 or more case studies, you will get insight in your own product or project by working with the Systemic Canvas. You will immediately see which dynamics are at play in the undercurrent.
  • You come up with solutions for your own work.
  • After the training you will be able to integrate the Systemic Canvas into your own work in your organisation or use it with your customers.
The language of the Intensive is English. Noemí speaks very good English. If needed, we can translate from and into Spanish, German and/or Dutch.

For whom is the Intensive intended?

  •  If you lead and want to gain insight into ‘the undercurrent’ of business and organisation;
  • If you work or want to work on change in organisations;
  • If you guide organisations or teams as a coach;
  • If change processes are fascinating and valuable to you;
  • If you would like to experience Noemí Viedma Ponce at work;
  • If you want extra tools in a VUCA world in motion.
The Systemic Canvas is a fantastic methodology that on the one hand makes the undercurrent wisdom visible and at the same time can easily be integrated ‘at the surface’ of your business, project, organisation where reason, analysis and action are at stake. For questions about this training, you can contact the organizer Anne-Marie Walgering de Walle (Soulution Trainingen) by email:


Monday November, 25th – Tuesday November, 26th 2024

Monday November, 25th 2024

  • 9u Arrival & Welcome with coffee/tea
  • 9:30u-18u Intensive
  • Optional booking: Monday evening diner with Noemí Viedma Ponce

Tuesday November, 26th 2024

  • 8:45u Arrival & Welcome with coffee/tea
  • 9u-17u Intensive

Investment for the training?

Early bird 795€ till August, 30th 2024.
Regular price: 995€

After registration and an email with your company details, we will send you the invoice.

Cancellation policy:
Until August 31st 2024, you can cancel for a valid reason and you will receive your registration fee minus €50 administration costs. Until September, 30th you can cancel for a valid reason and you will receive 50% of your participation fee or you can transfer your ticket to somebody else. After that, cancellation is not possible, but you can let someone else participate in your place.

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Do you need an overnight stay?

Contact the team of the Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren:
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Price: 85€ small room, 110€ medium room (1p), 130€ medium room (2p) per nacht & incl. breakfast excl. VAT



1 - 2 days
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