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The alchemy of water

October 10 - October 12

 A deep dive into the magic of our liquid nature

with Asaf Ben-Shahar & Kristin Verellen

It is in our human nature to long for solidity and truth, something that we can trust shall remain.  Strangely enough, it is the solid things in our lives that often prove more limiting: the things we think we know for sure, we dare not even question. But spirit doesn’t look for answers, it seeks movement, change and transformation.  This is as exciting as it is threatening to our fantasy of solidity, and introduce us to the nature of soul, which is all about fluidity

We invite you for three days of exploring how we can move between solidity and liquidity with grace. We will enter the magic of the soulful dance between form and flow, between shapes of identity (gender, sexuality, matter, family ….) and spirit. We will follow the ancient path of shamanistic and spiritual traditions, including Kabbalah, and uncover how through dis-identification with what we consider as ‘me’, we may hear the whispers of our soul and reconnect to our divine nature.

This masterclass is an initiation into the alchemy of water, into dissolving the centrality of the self.  Like water, we can shift from solid form to liquid and gas form.  Yet, more than a shamanistic transition of states, it is the art of inner liberation of our essence.  In the alchemy of water we deeply surrender to dissolving into the unknown, allowing even our subjectivity to shudder. Therefore, it’s about being genuinely at service of spirit which wants to emerge and unfold.


This masterclass is for those who yearn for inner liberation in service of a more human world, and even more for those who yearn for and fear it at the same time.   It will be a time for freely exploring altered states of consciousness inspired by embodied energy & soul work imbued by shamanism, kabbalah and systemic wisdom.   Using our mind, heart, body and soul to reconnect to the flow of life, reinjecting meaning and joy throughout our existence.

  • Day One: From Solid to Liquid
    The first day will explore identity elements that we think we know about ourselves and the world, and playfully entertain the possibility that these too are constructs. 
  • Day Two: Fluid and Gas
    The second day will be a celebration of movement and fluidity, of dynamic shifting from one aspect of being to another, and discovering what are the conditions that allow for that and what connections are needed for that.
  • Day Three: Alchemy
    The third day will be dedicated to creation, and therefore to alchemy. In it we will let the soul come to the fore and let it transform us, to make us afresh, so that we may better be of service to our soul’s mission and to our community.


Bringing together shamanism, Kabbala, systemic constellation, relational body psychotherapy and dance in creative ways, we will practice for transforming ourselves and others in relationships. Within a theoretical framework we will explore, share and learn in practical exercises and body-mind-soul experiences.  A variation of interactive learning forms in groups, pairs, solo and demonstration. Music and movement whenever we relax and integrate.  A spirit of serious play all through.

For whom

For all people working with people, as a coach, group facilitator, leader, manager, teacher, therapist, social worker, body worker, healer, artist…who want to strengthen their presence and service in the world by unfolding and expressing the forces in themselves.

We warmly welcome diversity in our group. So whatever background, gender, age you are, if this message appeals to you, feel free to join. 


Asaf Rolef Ben Shahar is an explorer of relationships, bodies and states of consciousness. ‎He has integrated and taught embodied and relational psychotherapy and shamanic ‎practices worldwide for over 25 years, and has written five books and numerous papers ‎on this subject. For three years, Asaf has completely dedicates himself to writing a series ‎of fantasy fiction for young adults, with the aim of reaching a wider group of change-‎makers for a better world. The only workshops for healing change Asaf still offers are the ‎ones hosted by Kristin Verellen in Belgium. Asaf is vegan and a nature lover. He ‎a father to two teenage daughters, married to Maya and lives and works in the northern ‎town of Tivon in Israel. Fascinated by neuro-divergence he discovered his own autistic nature.  He is gifted in finding magic everywhere‏.‏

Host and co-facilitator

Kristin Verellen – initiator of Peel The Onion and of the We have the choice circles – is a facilitator of connection and transformation for individuals, teams, organizations and stakeholder fields.  She has initiated the first relational field workshop by Asaf Ben-Shahar in Belgium in 2010.  Because of the immediate success of this groundbreaking workshop, she has turned it into a ritual to gather each year with Asaf a group of open-minded people for a transforming relational encounter. Upgrading group encounters into precious safe spaces of deep learning, heart connection, co-creation and transformation is one of her passions. She is a passionate and experienced psychotherapist, systemic constellator, organizational coach and poet.  In her last book “Meer dan ik”, she opens up the world of her poetry with her ink paintings and verses of the ancient Upanishads. Exploring the interconnection of all. 



The masterclass ‘The alchemy of water’ takes place on 10 – 11 – 12 October 2024 (from Thursday till Saturday) in De Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren.  There we have a large and comfortable seminar space in a castle, surrounded by 30 ha of peaceful nature –
Spoken language during the training is English.  We will translate when needed.
Timing :  1rd day: arrival at 9.00, start  9.30 – 18.00.  2nd and 3rd day: 9.00 – 17.30

The workshop fee
for a 3 days masterclass is 890 € excl. vat (1.077 incl. vat). This price includes organisation, facilitation, rental of space, costs. 

The fee for accommodation (room & meals)
you pay directly to the Heerlijckyt of Elsmeren the moment you get the confirmation of your subscription and advance payment of the workshop fee. Count on a package cost (vat included) of 324 € for 2 nights in a shared 3 to 4 persons room, delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and drinks.  The package cost for a shared 2 persons room (for 2 participants), is 366 €, for a 1 person room 394 €. When you sleep home or in a tent the price is 264 €.   The rooms are distributed based on availability, so do it right after your subscription.   

If the only obstacle for coming is money, please talk to us.

Contact & subscribe

To subscribe and secure your participation in the masterclass ‘The alchemy of water’,

  • For the workshop: To subscribe and secure your place, mail this intake form with your name and address for the invoice to Your subscription is only official after the advance payment of 350 € on the bank account of Peel The Onion BE98 7795 9301 5493, mentioning your name, the title and date of the masterclass.   The balance amount can be paid later on reception of the invoice.   In case you cancel more than 5 months before the masterclass, you get a refund of your advance with deduction of a cancellation fee of 220 €.  Later cancellations can only be refunded with deduction of the cancellation fee, if you find someone else who is happy to take your place.
  • To secure your accommodation (room & meals), you book and pay directly at the Heerlijckyt on the following link:

Do this right after your subscription to the masterclass, as the rooms are assigned based on availability .  After payment of your invoice, your accommodation is assured. Cancellation policy applies, sending someone else in your place is possible.   



October 10
October 12
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3-7 days
Spirituality / Consciousness